What Am I Here Part 2 - February 2018

For the beginning of this train of thinking start with last month’s note.

The Bible describes the original purpose for humanity in grand and glorious terms. We were made by a loving Creator whose heart is to big to only love a few. He is continually reaching out to build relationships through and with His creation. We were made in the image of that Creator made to be like Him and in communion with Him. We were never meant to die but to live forever enjoying Him and the world He made for us. The Bible reveals that this incredible plan and this purpose was destroyed by us when we listened to a lie. A lie that said we could have meaning on our own without anyone else, we could be our own god. And so selfishness or what I like to call me-ness (the Bible calls it sin) entered the human race. As we embraced me-ness an incredible and terrible truth dawned on the human race. Me-ness leads to an utter lack of meaning and purpose a rejection of the prime reason for our creation. Even the Creator does not exist to please Himself but pours Himself into loving those He created. Me-ness is the opposite of everything that He is and it drove us apart from God. But we discovered that when we separated from Him, me-ness also destroyed our relationships with each other, nature and even life itself.

But there is incredible hope in this dark trail we embarked on as humans. It is that our Creator never stopped loving us. On the very day we rejected him he made a promise that he would come to set things right so that He could be with us again (Genesis 3:15). All of the roughly 2/3 of the Bible known as the Old Testament discusses God's constant efforts to be near His creation and the continued renewing and sharpening of his promise to come and make things right again. And then it happened, just as predicted by patriarchs and prophets, right on time, the Creator came in person to live with His creation as Jesus Christ (John 1:14). Born among the lowest of the low, He came to show us the perfect example of selfless love, the opposite of me-ness. He took under His wing a dozen men who were fixated on themselves and taught them a different way. Every action of His life, every word He spoke, was a living example of this love. Finally in the ultimate expression of His love for us, He took all of the separation that had been caused by all of the horror of selfishness through our history, past, present and future for all of his creation on Himself and it broke His heart, killing Him as He swallowed the chasm of distance that separated us from Himself (1 Tim 1:15).

But that doesn’t end the story, on the third day, He did the impossible again and rose from the dead. This return to life signaled that not only had He paid the price of separation but He had conquered and paved the way for a new life for everyone who would come to Him (Romans 6:23). The beauty of this is that in Christ no one has to be ruled by me-ness anymore. Indeed in Christ we become conquerors as well. Transformed from people who live only for ourselves to those who experience the joy of continual and loving relationship with God Himself and live to share that love with those around us. Sometimes in life it is very easy to get so bogged down that we lose sight of the big picture. We tried to conquer sin ourselves forgetting that we do not have the power to change ourselves anymore than we can add an inch to our height. It is the beauty and grace of Christ that He will do this in us. What is required of us? Only that day by day we come to Him, confessing our me-ness and asking for His selfless Life to be lived in our hearts. Then believe that He has done it because He has promised (1 John 1:9). And daily as we grow in what He wants for us, we will be unable to restrain the joy that comes from knowing Him and knowing that His grace is enough for us too!