D-Day - June 2018


Jonathan Burt


    74 years ago this week, history was made forever when the combined Allied forces hit the beaches of Normandy to bring an end to a dreadful evil that threatened to sweep the whole world. It was an awesome day, a terrible day, a day of victory and a day of pain and death. Although the war would go on for some time after that, never again would Hitler be on the offensive as his victims were liberated day by day until 10 month’s later Hitler was dead. Every June 6th, we honor those men who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. They experienced the horror so that we could have peace. That kind of sacrifice should inspire us to live to make the world better. Unfortunately, in this day, it is all to easy to forget that what we have, cost many people everything to obtain. We can take it for granted. 

    2000 years ago another liberation force landed on an enemy occupied world, a world experiencing the unspeakable horrors of separation from the Source of life, love and freedom. This liberator was an army of One the King of Life Himself, who alone could provide the rescue for everyone held captive under the rule of the prince of darkness. Obtaining freedom for us would cost Him everything. He came anyway. He came to show us what it means to live free. Then He suffered and died to win our freedom. That sacrifice paved the way for the ultimate liberation of our world and we now experience the freedom that He offers to each one of us personally. This is the only way to honor His sacrifice, by accepting His invitation to be free. Since we are in a world that is contested territory it is necessary for each of us to choose sides. We can choose to remain citizens of the kingdom of the prince of this world with all of its darkness and evil. But we have another choice. A choice to live for the King who died to set us free. His kingdom is founded on Truth and mercy and justice. Its operating power is love and comes with supernatural life straight from the King Himself to daily become more firmly grounded as citizens of His kingdom. The battle lines are drawn and all of us must make a choice.

    The final battle is not far off, His first coming established a beachhead and ensured victory, His second coming will end the war.    In a world growing increasingly dark we are called to be beacons of light, pulsing with the light of heaven. But that requires a decided daily commitment to live as citizens of our Heavenly Kingdom. Without the conscious decision to apply for supernatural aid from our King to live for Him, our light will go out. We cannot afford to be distracted from this mission, there are many people desperate for a glimpse of the Light and the only chance they may have to see it is in us. 

    Oh Lord, You who died to set me free. Let me not forget your sacrifice and take your death for granted. Make my life a living example of the freedom that you desire to give to every member of the human family. Make me a light in this dark world so that people hungering for freedom and hope will see You shining in me. Keep me focused on You in a time when there are so many distractions tugging at my light to snuff it out. Thank you for Your power at work in my life. In Your name, Amen